Art workshops for kids & teens in new orleans


SUMMER CAMP - Explore your creativity while learning visual & performing arts skills this summer! Ages 5-14, June 3rd - Aug 2nd, @ Tigermen Den and Art Klub, 8:45-3:15, aftercare available. $225/week. REGISTRATION OPENS END OF JANUARY!

KIDS BRASS JAM - Teaches, mentors and inspires students through music instruction on trombone, trumpet, and percussion. Mondays, Jan 7 - Feb 25, 4:30-6pm, Ages 9+

WINTER FILM CAMP - Build your creative storytelling skills through conceptualizing and producing your own short film. Dec/Jan Winter Break camp, 8:45am-3:15pm, Ages 7-14. Registration opens October 2019.

Art Camp 504 offers fun and inventive workshops that emphasize our unique arts and cultural heritage of New Orleans. Our mission is to shape the next generation of innovators and creative problems solvers by giving young artists the skills and confidence they need to reach their innate potential.

We inspire students to think outside the box by teaching experimental art forms and mixed media across disciplines. Our exploratory curriculum builds confidence and self-esteem, and challenges young artists to get their creative juices flowing. Students learn from each other and build team-building skills through collaborative group work. Through mutual respect and encouragement, students take pride in their individual creativity and self expression.

Our program began as a four-week summer camp in 2016 with 35 young artists. We now offer 9 weeks of summer camp at the Tigermen Den in the Bywater and Art Klub in St. Roch, a two week Winter Film Camp, and various after school and weekend workshops throughout the year. In 2018, we had almost 200 campers attend 10 weeks of summer and winter programming.

Watch this video below for an introduction to our programs!


Sam Bass is a former educator and now works in the New Orleans film industry. She is a member of the Local 478 film union and works throughout the year in set dec. She also works as an installation artist and has received several art grants to bring her work to festivals in Louisiana and Miami. After spending a few years working in the Orleans Parish public school system, Sam developed a vision to bring the creative arts to the children of NOLA. Her favorite time of the year is Mardi Gras - she is a member of Krewe de Lune and works on the Krewe's design team for the annual Space Ball. She recently founded a new Krewe called "Krewe Ella de Vil" which premiered at Barkus 2018. Sam uses her background as an artist and educator to grow ArtCamp504 into what it is today. 


Lead Teaching Artists, Summer 2018:

DANCE: Sophia Rabinovitz comes to New Orleans after traveling around the world dancing her heart out! She has performed in London, Rome, New York City, and Philadelphia and is trained in a variety of different dance styles. She loves Hip Hop and particularly enjoys infusing Whaacking and BGirling into her performance. Sophia holds a BFA in Dance and a BA in Anthropology from Temple University along with her Masters in Dance Cultures from the University of Surrey. She strongly believes in the power of movement to express ideas, educate, and encourage growth. Sophia is an ACSM certified personal trainer and a Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor. She loves accomplishing new feats of strength and exploring all the amazing ways our bodies can move, ideally while wearing cheetah print (or maybe a superwoman costume)!


DANCE: Reese Johanson is a producer, performing artist, writer and fundraiser for the arts. Graduating from the National Shakespeare Conservatory NYC, she was inspired by the physical theater techniques, “Footfalls”, under Joan Evans. She was a company member of Chard Gonzalez Dance Theatre for 5 years. In 2012 Reese Johanson Collective emerged producing the ambulatory, UNROUTE, and award nominated shows, Flashback and THEY DON’T EAT CORN HERE, among others. She is a featured columnist with Art + Design Magazine. In REBOMIJO she merges live music, poetry and dance with Susan Millar Boldissar, and with Daneeta Jackson in DJ/RJ Co-Lab, theatre, dance, and film interact.  She was a teaching artist with KIDsmART, is a teaching artist at Upturn Arts and Music Box. Most recently she has opened the Art Klub, an arts and community center in the St. Roch neighborhood of New Orleans where she offers is a platform for creative expression in all ways.


THEATER: Cammie West has been a professional theatre practitioner in both New Orleans and New York for almost 20 years. When she's not in the theater acting or directing, she can be found in the classroom at Young Audiences Charter School, where she works as a master teaching artist. She graduated with a B.A. from the University of New Orleans and is a certified teaching artist through the Wolf Trap Institute for Early Learning Through the Arts. Look for her this July in the Shakespeare Festival at Tulane's production of Macbeth.


PAPERMAKING: Kirah Haubrich has been creatively involved in the New Orleans art world for 20 years. She created the Big Top Arts Education Center, which provided the community a top notch summer art camp program for 11 years.  She is also co-creator of the Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus.  Kirah studied under paper maker Kathleen Hayek of NYC/ Upstate NY fame.  She infuses her love of books and creative writing in her paper making class, encouraging her students to create physically as well as exercising their imaginations.


FILM: Pedro Lucero is an award-winning producer. For the last two decades, Pedro Lucero has been a part of the New Orleans film industry, working behind the scenes, in front of the camera, and carving out any kind of hustle to get movies made in the thriving city of New Orleans. Getting his start in the theater at an early age, Pedro learned quick timing and discovered an acute sense of what makes a scene move. This taste of acting gave him the fever for creating worlds, challenging norms and striving to see a multitude of projects get made. Pedro has taught film at different levels, from middle school to college, at Dillard University, Sci High, and 4.0 Schools Enriched. Pedro has also been an integral part of various film and music festivals across Louisiana, and even Austin, Texas. Having written, directed, and produced, Pedro’s work can be seen all across a swath of outlets including film, television, and the web.



Ryuta Iwashita has been in the field of childhood education for more than 8 years, influenced by Reggio Emilia approach believing the child as protagonist. His art classes have been introduced internationally from Japan, Nepal to the US where his teaching was always inspired by children's' individual creativity.

Amanda Sanfilippo is an artist who has been teaching children of all ages for the last 15 years. She had her own day camp for children for 5 consecutive years and is a certified Waldorf teacher. Amanda adores children and is so deeply inspired by their magical authenticity and creative brilliance!


Festival outreach coordinator:

Michelle Timberlake coordinates our craft and outreach tables at various events throughout the year. Art Camp 504 participates in the Creole Tomato Fest, Boo Carre, Zoo to Do and more. She likes to think of herself as Seamstress & Costume extraordinaire. Any day of the week, Michelle's SUV is full of art supplies like a mobile Arts & Crafts station. Whether its crafting with her 5 year old or the kids at camp, she applies her creative talents towards helping the kids turn their artistic imagination & vision into reality. As Krewe Captain for Krewe of Ingress she has created unique swag & organized numerous fundraisers over the last several years. Michelle started out as a Underwriter/Manager for Countrywide & then moved to Property Management with 1st Lake Properties. After expanding her network & contacts during her management career she started her own small property management firm in 2005.

Thank you to our community partners!