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Summer 2018

Our thematic workshops are taught by professional teaching artists and culminate in a Friday performance or gallery walk. Each day has a morning art workshop, afternoon art workshop, and outdoor activities. We bring the campers to Stalling Pool twice a week to swim. 

COST: $225/week. Includes material fee, snack, pool transport and Friday Pizza Party. Campers must bring own lunch Monday-Thursday. Additional Workshop 3-5pm: $15 drop in, $60/weekly.

Email us at for information on sibling discounts and financial aid.

June 4-8: CONTEMPORARY Dance:  Ages 7-13

Get up and moving in this fun, energetic week of dance and movement. Students explore various dance techniques and work towards a final dance performance. All levels welcome to attend!

Morning Session: Yoga Flow/Intro to Hip Hop Dance - Taught by Sophia Rabinovitz

The first hour will focus on Yoga where we will warm up, stretch, and strengthen our bodies in preparation for the day. The second hour will focus on a variety of different Hip Hop dance techniques including Breaking, House, and Waacking. In this half students will work on rhythm, inversions, and freestyling with an emphasis on lifting each other up and building community through dance.

Afternoon Session: The Sweet Spot -Taught by Reese Johanson

The Sweet Spot - Dance theatre techniques and composition for performance.  Students will individually and collaboratively explore improvisational exercises to develop character and story that will to be performed at the end of the week.  


Lead Teacher: Sophia Rabinovitz comes to New Orleans after traveling around the world dancing her heart out! She has performed in London, Rome, New York City, and Philadelphia and is trained in a variety of different dance styles. She loves Hip Hop and particularly enjoys infusing Whaacking and BGirling into her performance. Sophia holds a BFA in Dance and a BA in Anthropology from Temple University along with her Masters in Dance Cultures from the University of Surrey. She strongly believes in the power of movement to express ideas, educate, and encourage growth. Coinciding with her love of dance is her love of all things physical! Sophia is an ACSM certified personal trainer and a Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor. She loves accomplishing new feats of strength and exploring all the amazing ways our bodies can move, ideally while wearing cheetah print (or maybe a superwoman costume)!

Lead Teacher: Reese Johanson is a producer, performing artist, writer and fundraiser for the arts. Graduating from the National Shakespeare Conservatory NYC, she was inspired by the physical theater techniques, “Footfalls”, under Joan Evans. She was a company member of Chard Gonzalez Dance Theatre for 5 years. In 2012 Reese Johanson Collective emerged producing the ambulatory, UNROUTE, and award nominated shows, Flashback and THEY DON’T EAT CORN HERE, among others. She’s worked with producers Nari Tomassetti and Bremner Duthie, choreographing and performing in their shows and with Ann Glaviano’s, Known Mass. She is a featured columnist with Art + Design Magazine. In REBOMIJO she merges live music, poetry and dance with Susan Millar Boldissar, and with Daneeta Jackson in DJ/RJ Co-Lab, theatre, dance, and film interact.  She was a teaching artist with KIDsmART, is a teaching artist at Upturn Arts and Music Box. Most recently she has opened the Art Klub, an arts and community center in the St. Roch neighborhood of New Orleans where she offers is a platform for creative expression in all ways.

   Sophia Rabinovitz

Sophia Rabinovitz

   Reese Johanson

Reese Johanson

June 11-15: Puppet Theater, Ages 5 - 13

Explore the many elements of Puppet Theater – including script development, engineering movement, functional sculptural techniques, visual communication, set & prop construction, and more. Students work in groups of 3-5 to either create their own story or reimagine a story they already know. Students learn a variety of techniques for making stick puppets, marionettes, hand puppets and full-body puppets. They will work with craft foam, acrylic paint, fabric, sequence, cardboard and a variety of other materials to fabricate their idea. At the end of the week, each group will perform a puppet show for family and friends.

June 18-22: Experimental Theater Arts, Ages 5-13 - REGISTRATION CLOSED

Learn about various experimental theater techniques – audience participation, non-conventional theater space, discovery through performance and more. Students are also introduced to performance artists that expand our understanding of traditional theater spaces. Each morning begins with warm up Improv exercises. Students work in groups of 4-6 students to create their own story OR reimagine an already existing story. Each group writes a script, constructs sets, builds props and costumes, and rehearses. At the end of the week, the campers perform their show for friends and families.

Lead Teacher: Cammie West has been a professional theatre practitioner in both New Orleans and New York for almost 20 years. When she's not in the theater acting or directing, she can be found in the classroom at Young Audiences Charter School, where she works as a master teaching artist. She graduated with a B.A. from the University of New Orleans and is a certified teaching artist through the Wolf Trap Institute for Early Learning Through the Arts. Look for her this July in the Shakespeare Festival at Tulane's production of Macbeth.

July 9-13: Papermaking and Creative Storytelling, Ages 5-13

Learn how to create unique, pressed paper using recycled materials and collage - then use this paper to tell a visual or written story. Students may use their paper to create illustrated storybooks, graphic novels, pop-up books, chapter books, movie posters, or an individual art piece. They will explore a variety of mediums to illustrate their stories - watercolors, oil pastels, collage techniques, acrylic paint, colored pencil and more. They will learn various book binding techniques - such as yarn, metal rings, sewing - or their own creation. Stories can follow a traditional plot format (beginning, middle, end, protagonist, antagonist), or students may choose an experimental storytelling approach.  Students will present their work in a Storytelling performance for family and friends.

Lead Teacher: Kirah Haubrich has been creatively involved in the New Orleans art world for 20 years. She created the Big Top Arts Education Center, which provided the community a top notch summer art camp program for 11 years.  She is also co-creator of the Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus.  Kirah studied under paper maker Kathleen Hayek of NYC/ Upstate NY fame.  She infuses her love of books and creative writing in her paper making class, encouraging her students to create physically as well as exercising their imaginations.

July 16-27: Film Production & Theory, Ages 9+ - REGISTRATION CLOSED. EMAIL TO BE ADDED TO WAITLIST.

In this TWO WEEK workshop, students learn the basics of film production and work in groups to create their own short film. They learn about the various jobs on set and choose one to focus on in their group. Over the course of two weeks, their group will write a script, build sets, props and costumes, film and edit. We cover intro to film theory, cinematography and production design in the first few days, and campers spend the majority of the workshop creating their film. No prior film experience is required, although we recommend campers come with some previous knowledge or experience in film or a related art. We encourage previous film students to re-enroll - this course expands on our previous workshops.


Lead Teacher: Pedro Lucero is an award-winning producer. For the last two decades, Pedro Lucero has been a part of the New Orleans film industry, working behind the scenes, in front of the camera, and carving out any kind of hustle to get movies made in the thriving city of New Orleans. Getting his start in the theater at an early age, Pedro learned quick timing and discovered an acute sense of what makes a scene move. This taste of acting gave him the fever for creating worlds, challenging norms and striving to see a multitude of projects get made. Pedro has taught film at different levels, from middle school to college, at Dillard University, Sci High, and 4.0 Schools Enriched. Pedro has also been an integral part of various film and music festivals across Louisiana, and even Austin, Texas. Having written, directed, and produced, Pedro’s work can be seen all across a swath of outlets including film, television, and the web.

Check out our camp YouTube channel to see more short films! All videos were written, designed and filmed entirely by our campers.

July 30-Aug 3: Parade workshop, Ages 5-13

Mardi Gras comes early for our Parade Workshop kids! In this workshop, students learn about the different ways carnival is celebrated in New Orleans and around the world and create their own parade. At the beginning of the week, students vote on a theme and name for their Krewe. Students then split up into sub-krewes based on their interests. Each sub-krewe makes coordinated costumes, throws and banners! Students also have the option to make shoebox floats or decorate wagons for their sub-krewe. We have a parade and party on Friday with local musicians - including the kids from our spring music program, Kids Brass Jam!

Aug 6 - 10: Mixed-Medium Collage Art, Ages 5-13

Students will learn a variety of collage techniques with an emphasis on layering and composition, drawing ideas from references of New Orleans culture and life. They will work with a variety of materials including watercolors, oil pastels, tempera and acrylic paints, mosaic tiles, found objects, and patterned paper to bring their work to life. They will discuss foreground & background, and ways to create an interesting composition. The week concludes with a Friday gallery show where campers will display their work.

Lead Teacher: Keith Duncan received a BFA from Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, La., and a MFA in studio art from Hunter College (CUNY) New York, N.Y. His solo exhibitions include El Taller Boricua Gallery, New York, N.Y.; Danny Simmon’s Corridor Gallery, Brooklyn, N.Y.; CUE Arts Foundation, New York, N.Y.; Arts project and GSL Gallery, New Orleans, La. Recent exhibits include Ogden Museum, Stella Jones Gallery, Prospect 2 New Orleans, Barrister Gallery, The Front Gallery, Octavia Gallery, The Joan Mitchell Center Gallery, and 2114 Gallery, New Orleans, La. He was awarded the Camille Cosby Fellowship, The Joan Mitchell Foundation Grant, and in 2001 his work was commissioned for NASA, Washington, D.C., also in 2011 he received The Drop program grant. In 2013 he was in the Joan Mitchell Foundation pilot program, New Orleans, La. Duncan has taught art for over 20 years in New York, Harlem and the Bronx area; Also in post­ Katrina New Orleans 2008-­2014. He has taught as an Adjunct Professor at Dillard University in 2014. Duncan currently resides in Gretna, La., as an artist and educator of Fine Arts.